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Need help brainstorming ideas for your neighbourhood activation? Below is a list of things you could do to animate your neighbourhood - hopefully this helps to get your creative juices flowing!

30 ideas to get you started!

  1. Neighbourhood Scavenger hunt

  2. Sidewalk chalk art

  3. Stenciled fitness trail

  4. Kit for crafts/snowman making/

  5. Kindness rocks

  6. Glo in the dark distanced activities – i.e. dancing on front lawn, parades

  7. Bike rodeo

  8. Installations – Chalk board- I love my neighbourhood because

  9. Art installation, Message cork board, Kids posting art – each week a theme

  10. Dog bowl trail

  11. Thirst station – for runners and walkers who are coming by

  12. Planting flowers on front lawns

  13. Skip rope challenges

  14. Porch music

  15. Neighbourhood flags/lawn signs

  16. Holiday decorations for the street

  17. Neighbourhood walk challenge

  18. Community clean up

  19. Community quilt

  20. Breaking a Guinness world record

  21. Book Club – Neighbourhood reads!

  22. Neighbourhood BINGO

  23. Window walk – art, jokes, supplies

  24. Block party BBQ

  25. Neighbourhood swap and sell

  26. Sidewalk chalk festival

  27. Plant a communal pollinator garden

  28. Road hockey, basketball, or basement tournament

  29. Movie night

  30. Neighbourhood talent show

City of Neighbours Weekend

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