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Day 5:

Sunday, Sept. 27

Youtube Premiere,11:45 a.m.- 12:45 p.m.

Neighbourhood conversations about the Social Development Goals

In 2020, a group of Londoners embarked on a journey to explore how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be applied and integrated at a local level to create a better city for all. One pathway identified to spark systemic change was to raise awareness about the interconnection of people and challenges through conversations in the neighbourhood. In this session, we will share our experiences and learnings in the first round focused on housing and homelessness. Two of the key takeaways: place matters to achieve all the seventeen SDGs and place matters only if you have a place. Participants include: Luis Patricio, Mary Ann Hodge, Judi Fisher and Johann Wong

Click HERE for the Youtube Premiere

Live on Zoom,  4 - 5 p.m.

Improving Places and Spaces with London's Neighbourhood Decision Making (NDM)

Join us live as we chat about London's Neighbourhood Decision Making program. City staff will give an overview of NDM and respond to any questions or ideas that you may have. We'll also have a resident-led presentation of a NDM project, where we will see/hear about the impact of the program firsthand, as well as discuss some learnings from residents' perspectives.

Self-Guided - All Day

The Incredible Antler River Race with Engage.Art

Join the Fresh Water Alliance and Engage.Art for The Incredible Antler River Race! This will be a fun-filled scavenger hunt along the Antler/Thames River on World Rivers Day! Come learn about various river creatures, where they live, and what helps them thrive. You’ll get a chance to explore, make new discoveries, complete challenges and post your successes online. You can even try out London’s new augmented reality app, Engage, which has amazing animations and specific side adventures.

You can participate at any location along the river that’s convenient to you, and at any time on Sept 27th. Registration is free, and there are prizes to be won. So, grab your family and friends within your social bubble, and let the river adventure begin! The Incredible Antler River Race is for everyone, no matter your experience level.

With a combination of hints, training videos, and awesome challenge interaction through London's new augmented reality app, Engage, this event promises to be a blast, with lots of prizes to be won.

Sign up as an individual or with your social bubble and pick a difficulty level:


City of Neighbours Weekend

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