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Day 2:

Thursday, Sept. 24

Live on Zoom, 7 - 8:30 p.m.

Influencing Municipal Policy

This educational and interactive workshop that engages the community in municipal advocacy. The workshop will present the ways in which citizens can influence City Council and policies and why it is important to be engaged in municipal issues. It will also present case studies that are effective at achieving a desired outcome.

Featuring guest speakers:

Dr. Kate Graham, Director of Research at Canadian Urban Institute, Professor and former City of London Staff;

Arielle Kayabaga, Ward 13 Councillor; 

Dr. Jason Gilliland, Director of the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory at Western University and a representative from ReForest London;

Dean Sheppard, Executive Director of ReForest London;

Former Director of Planning for the City of London, John Fleming will be moderating.

Click HERE to view the recording

Online Trivia - Available until 9 p.m.

Place Matters Trivia

Complete the Place Matters Trivia Quiz online before 9 p.m. for a chance to win a $50 Downtown Dollars gift card! 

City of Neighbours Weekend

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